Empower your Product Managers and API Consultants

Design, Document, Mock and Publish your APIs in OpenAPI 3.0 specification.

Designer Workbench

A sleek UI that allows its users to design REST APIs intuitively. Product managers can now be less or notdependent on engineering teams to create API designs; thus increasing time to market. Workbench includes a refined review tool that allows users to submit their API designs for peer reviews.

Global data models and policies

Achieve enterprise wide interface design standardization with Apitive Studio by creating reusable data models and global policies. Share them across various products and provide uniformity in your API Designs and Implementations.

API document generation & deployment

API designs are only as good as its document.Auto generate complete API documentation as web pages that provides both technical and business documentation to its consumers.

Apitive Studio also deploys the documentation as a portal at pre-defined location for consumption saving time and effort.

Playground for API mock & validations

Socialize your APIs with external consumers and get instant validation. Playground is a platform feature to create API designs iteratively. Apitive Studio generates mock data and mocks services for consumer validation.

Engineering Hub

Share the OpenAPI 3.0 specification file with the engineering team through a GitHub repository. Increase productivity by generating executable test cases from the specifications.

Give more power to your product managers

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