Full lifecycle
API management

Apitive is a complete and easy to use enterprise grade full lifecycle API management suite that helps organizations achieve their API strategy in a faster, secure and governed manner.

Powerful policy engine

Policy and policy templates with access controls

Configure security and access limiting policies; secure and govern your APIs. Set up limits based on concurrency factors to increase API availability.

API publishing

Persona based workflow

Use off the shelf persona based workflow to publish APIs. Ensure every action required to host APIs gets mapped and executed. Provide access controls to create and approve policies.

Response caching & eviction

Quick and instant response

Create multiple caches and cache API responses and also configure evict rules to offer speedy and accurate response to clients.

Developer portal

Provide superior developer experience

Facilitate API consumer process with API developer portal where the list of API plans exposed by different organisations are presented. Consumers can register their applications and use the APIs seamlessly.


Policy execution, API delivery & insights

Load balance the API hosts and execute the configured policies with the robust policy execution engine. Monitor APIs to ensure SLAs. Collect request time and response time data for your analytical models to create powerful API effectiveness insights.

API call tracing

Easy debugging with tracing the API calls

Graphical user interface to depict API call flows along with the time taken to execute policies and call out to API providing the users to shorten debugging time and improve efficiency

Give more power to your product managers

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